TSIM SHA TSUI – Not a Dimsum Favorite Anymore :(

4 Feb

So remember when I wrote about my Top Chinese Restaurants here in Cebu? Well, I just got to visit it my Top 1, Tsim Sha Tsui, in Ayala Center Cebu and boy was I in for a huge disappointment. VERY MUCH. Now, I would like to retract my verdict that so far, it has descended from it’s #1 spot on MY list. Of course, you reader are entitled to your opinion 🙂

Well, I chanced to visit the place again after a few years. My sister and I have visited a few times and have witnessed the place losing its lustre as of late. This time, however, I was really really disappointed in the place as it wasn’t really what it used to be at least for me.

Maybe the times have changed, maybe there are far better Chinese restaurants of different varieties in Cebu. Maybe, just maybe, Dimsum Break and Harbour City has upped its game in the dimsum arena, but definitely, Tsim Sha Tsui has let go of what it used to be. Here are some of my points why it was a huge disappointment for me:

  1. Chicken Feet disappointment – I am a voracious Chicken Feet eater. Every dimsum place I go, I always make it a point to try the chicken feet. But last night, the feet were all dried out to the bone. Nothing on the conveyor resembled juicy and appetizing chicken feet. It looked all dried. Dehydrated. The flavor was… like it was doused in soy sauce and tao si (black beans).
  2. Wonton Soup – I can’t write anything else about it but a bunch of noodles in water with some dumplings and a little salt.
  3. Service – This one has got to be the biggest disappointment. I know the waitresses should be tired at 8pm after serving the whole day, but maaaannnn service was bad and to think we didn’t need much fussing about because we were at the dimsum bar and we can get whatever food we wanted. But, man that attitude the waitress gave us where there was not a polite bone in her body seemed to show the whole time we were eating at the bar was just the icing on the cake. No smile, no polite gestures. When you asked questions you get a curt, “No” and a very unwelcoming facial expression, close to being annoyed, when you asked them for iced tea refill. Sure, the dimsum buffet was cheap, but we’re still paying customers.

Honestly, there is still hope for Tsim Sha Tsui. I hope. The dumplings are still plump, the sweet and sour pork still meaty and just enough sweetness, the empress rolls are still packed with meat. But I seriously think they need to revamp and up their game starting with the customer service. Nothing can ruin a good place other than bad service.

Sorry, this post is a rant and I definitely did not want to take photos because I was entirely disappointed with my experience. I hope this reaches management and they get to improve especially since their Ayala branch has a good location. Sorry, my intentions are NOT to ruin the place, but to help the place improve because I was a huge fan of Tsim Sha Tsui Cebu. A huge one. I still like the dumplings but seriously, if they keep it up like this, they would lose their clients in the long run.


Coffee Prince Cebu

11 Jan

This weekend, I found myself following my sister and a friend around. After a whole day running errands and window shopping, our friend suggested to hang out at Coffee Prince along Osmeña Boulevard, just across Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital. It has been years since I have been here. I bet the last time was when some of my friends who now live abroad came home for a holiday.

Back then, it was a pioneer in this kind of laid back cafe that encouraged groups to enjoy hours of chitchat, sitting comfortably in their private booths; comfortable booths that offered your own private space. Honestly, I had thought this place would lose its touch once the hype was over, but surprisingly, as I visited it today, it still has not lost its touch. As I sit here, stomach satisfied with that delicious Kimchi Fried Rice with Egg and Bacon, I think of the many reasons why this place has kept their following throughout the years.

1. Pioneer advantage – Coffee Prince was one of the first Korean-ish concept cafes in Cebu that introduced private booths with free seating spaces where you squat, lean back and sit in whatever way comfortable. The place was always packed and it still is. In my opinion, this place definitely outlived the hype mainly because they learned how to manage the crowd and answer to the demands of a busy day. I remember when the place was still new, the service took a long time that it was dissatisfying. But somehow through the years, they have learned and developed a rhythm that allowed them to handle the busy day situation. As I have observed today, their service is definitely soooooo much better than before. About 100 times better as what I can recall.

2. Extensive Menu – if we compare menus from other cafes to Coffee Prince’s menu, Coffee Prince offers a variety of food and drinks. I especially like that they don’t stick to the predictable toppoki, ramyun, kimbap menu. They have cakes, rice meals, pastas, appetizers, other desserts and a wide range of drinks. Of course the highlight has to be the coffee and if coffee is not your thing, you still have a place here. You can order a fruity light beer, a smoothie or the newly launched Loompie, a local soda brand made in Cebu. Coffee Prince definitely has a lot to offer to their customers and for a customer, I would love to visit again to try another dish or another drink.

3. Attentive Service Staff – for a big place, the service is tops! Coffee Prince is a two-storey establishment and yet they can easily deliver your order to you. Of course, the food may take time especially on a busy day, but you won’t mind the wait as the cafe staff are friendly and you can really feel a sense of urgency to fulfill your order. These people are sensitive to their customer’s needs. They suggest food on the menu, comment about the food, call out your name to check where you sit and even acknowledge you and say “mam we will bring the food to you”. For me, when the wait staff acknowledges the need of the customer and makes them feel that the order is important, that is the best example of good service.

4. Attention to Food – I would like to give the owners a pat on the back for doing well on their menu. The food is reasonably priced for the serving and the food is delicious. I had their Kimchi Fried Rice with Egg and Bacon and I could say, they don’t stinge on the ingredients. There was a generous amount of good kimchi on the fried rice , the egg cooked just right and bacon was real bacon, not the honeycured kind. The Rainbow Cake was just the right sweetness and crumbly. Whatever they sell, they know how to do well and that is proof of a great place.

All in all, Coffee Prince impressed me a lot on my recent visit; enough to make me want to blog this from my phone on the spot! I definitely understand why people still frequent this place despite it having seen better days (as their interiors indicate). It’s not that you need to be a hip, newly renovated place and in a new building. You just need to master AND UNDERSTAND what your customers really need. The customers that you really want to keep. That’s exactly what Coffee Prince has down for its clientele. With that, I am sure this place will see more years of success in Cebu.

Coffee Prince is along Osmeña Boulevard, beside Suarez & Sons and across Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital. Check map here. They’re open 24 hours!

Foodie is Back!

10 Jan

Happy New Year to one and all! While we ended this blog remarkably in 2019, I sure won’t leave you guys hanging as much this 2020. As allergic as I am to New Year’s resolutions, that’s how committed I am to making sure I deliver lots of content for this year. It might be weeks since the actual start of the year, but it’s never too late to get this blog going!

Thank you BCBA and Krispy Kreme for the bonus 1 dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts!

Before anything else, I would like to thank the organizers of BCBA 2019, Mark Monta, Geezelle Tapangan and everyone on the team, and of course Krispy Kreme Philippines for the bonus gift for all finalists of BCBA 2019. I got to enjoy a dozen of Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts plus 500 pesos worth of gift certificates (as prize for the Best Creative Writing for a Blog Award). The free dozen I got to share with my co-workers and family as part of a holiday tradition of giving. Plus it was a great way to start the new year with lots of OOOOs 🙂

Huawei Nova 5T is the BOMB!

So, news. One of the reasons I could not blog before because I have no digital camera to take good pictures and do justice to places I visit. I can do phone photography that’s great for outdoor scenes or places with good lighting, but for restaurants, the photos are not stellar. Then surprise! My sister gave me a mobile phone that takes amazing pictures!!! I finally have my hands on a Huawei Nova 5T! Yes, might not be as good as the P30 or the Mate 30, but the shots make food more appetizing now. I can also shoot in low lit rooms and places and won’t have problems. The phone can also automatically detect what kind of photos you are trying to take. So as soon as you focus it on your plate, Food setting pops up and you’re ready to take your photo! It also automatically sharpens your photo for the best results. I was beyond ecstatic when I received my phone. I was speechless for a week.

Second thing, I will be travelling somewhere this year so I think that’s something to watch out for. It will be a food lover’s paradise. My paradise too! My only itinerary in mind is food, but sadly my family has other plans. But I would love to get as much food photos and experiences as possible. Watch out for that too!

Lastly, even when I have mentioned that I am allergic to New Year’s resolutions, I am definitely making one! LOL. It’s to live life and be thankful for life. Last year was one of the hardest and it was my first time to be admitted to the hospital as an actual patient. It was tough even when the condition was non life-threatening. That was the time I realized that if I missed this chance to live and live according to how I want, I would miss out on the rest of my life. After all, at the end of the day, when you’re friends have gone home, your family asleep, and your office locked up, you only have yourself. Not anyone else. Who will you be without yourself? I have given importance to myself more this year. That means this blog too.

New Year’s Resolution, Eat More Blog More! 😀

I am hopeful for 2020. I have the highest hopes for it. Wish it would be a good year for me and for everyone else. Happy new year and see you guys around!

Passion Wins over Frustration – The BCBA 2019 Awarding Ceremony

1 Dec


FoodieTravelsCebu wins Best Creative Writing In a Blog Award at the BCBA 2019!

Over the years I have not felt confident with my blog entries. I could feel confident with articles I wrote for work, but my blogs seemed to always fall short. It frustrated it me a lot when I could not make a good blog entry. I stop midway and abandon the blog. Then, there was also a time when when I felt so drained because I would be writing all day long for work. I was no longer inspired to write.

IMG_20191130_172809-1[1].jpgHowever, this year was very trying for me that I did not know to whom or how I could relieve my stress. My friends have immigrated, my family had a crisis and work was too fast I could not catch up. Then, I realized I had to pause. I had to breathe. Life got the best of me and I ended up in a hospital bed barely able to get up. It was then that I realized I had to take care of myself. I had to make myself happy again. So, here I am tapping away.

I have blogged about being a finalist for Best Cebu Food Blog twice already, I could not stress enough how surprised and pleased I was. It was surreal to say the least. Getting recognition for what you love doing is no small deal. I couldn’t believe it until I got the invite. And then, THE DAY finally came!

I admit, I had fun preparing for the night. My life recently has been about business planning, inventory forecasting and managing office communications that I would want to let down my hair and feel pretty even for a night. I put on a nice black dress and painted my face. I was ready for the night whether I won anything or not. I promised myself I was going to enjoy it because I had waited years to join these kinds of events <3.


Summit Galleria Cebu’s opulent Function Room

The Best Cebu Blogs Awards Awarding Ceremony was held at the new and classy Summit Galleria Cebu. It was my first time and honestly I was taken aback by how sophisticated their interiors were around the function rooms. I loved the high ceiling and the opulence that the chandeliers gave to the room. The room was dressed up beautifully, fit for a night of celebration. Our food – of course since this is mainly a food blog – was deliciously prepared by Raintree Hospitality Group. Yep! That group responsible for Raintree Restaurants mostly in Manila, prepared food for us. I personally liked the Creamy Mushroom Soup and the Chocolate Mousse. The Chocolate Mousse was very dense and I had to stifle a moan because it could have been named Better than Your Best Sex 🙂



BCBA Founder – FaceCebu’s Mark Monta and his inspiring Speech

Call me a pessimist, but I had conditioned myself I wouldn’t win anything. My blog had no substantial recent restaurant or food blogs, so why would I be in? I was just being realistic, right? We were made to make a short speech just in case. I wrote mine in haste post-dinner because, what the hell. I expected the other two finalists in my category had better chances. I was just being realistic. The speech I wrote was short and was actually inspired by Best Cebu Blogs Awards and Cebu Bloggers Society founder Mark Monta who mentioned blogging was his outlet for life’s stresses back then. I could not help but relate.

alem garcia.jpg

Hello mga Kitty Katkats!

There were only a few of us but I give it to Alem Garcia, she could liven up a room of jittery bloggers and Social Media Influencers with her candid humor and hosting skills (wala jud char!). I was intimidated actually to be in a room full of bloggers. I was fangirling too at the same time. Gosh, they were younger than me, more stylish and had a lot of edge and yet I am here… ooopppss my self-confidence is on a trip again. Nonetheless, with the speeches throughout the night inspired me to get back on the computer and keeping writing. Especially by Megaworld‘s bigwigs pushed everyone in the room that they would love to see bloggers and Social Media Influencers in Cebu unite for a good cause. It was an awe-inspiring night for a wannabe blogger like me (not wannabe anymore!).

I was ready to be one of the room’s supporter/clapper after habhabcebu.com bagged the Best Cebu Food Blog and considering my luck in raffles. I was there to savor the experience. Then… when they were announcing the winners for the Special Awards, imagine my shock when they called out my blogsite and my name! I had won Best Creative Writing In a Blog – an award chosen by one of the judges and sponsors  Nancy Cudis of Memoriter Writing Services. That’s NANCY CUDIS! One of the best of the best in Cebu.


For her to choose my blog for the award, I was crying on the inside. More like I was crying on the inside because after years and after feeling so frustrated over my blog entries, I was finally getting recognized for it from none other than the best in the local writing industry. I was feeling so overwhelmed I stuttered on stage because I still could not believe it (yep, I have trust issues). To Ms Nancy, I would have loved to meet you last night and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how much you have made me want to chase my passion in writing again. You have made me want to open this blog, write ideas on blog posts and keep this blog alive again. You have stopped me from retiring from blogging about Cebu.

So here I am, a day after and still hungover the BCBA night with realizations. Sometimes, we give up on dreams and passions thinking we can never be good at them because people would tell us so. We would give up on these passions because it did not fit into our lives at the moment. But that should not be the case. We should not stop pursuing what we love doing just because life gets in the way and people tell us we’re not good at it. One day, when you just pour your heart over a passion, you will get to where you want to be. That time for me has come. Nothing can stop me now.


Thank you BCBA, Cebu Bloggers’ Society and Ms. Nancy Cudis!

On the journey to knowing myself again, I rediscovered my love for writing, for sharing. This journey is a long one, but this time it’s going to be a happy one. I promise that to myself and to my readers. Thank you. Thank you. My heart is full.

We’re entering into a new chapter to this blog. Blogosphere, I am ready!

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I am Going to the Best Cebu Blogs Awards!

6 Nov



I know, I know. I have previously blogged about it. I even posted it tons of times on my Social Media Accounts. Still I can’t seem to shut up about it. Finally! After years and years of following them and just merely wishing to be part of their events, I am finally going to the Best Cebu Blogs Awards as a BEST CEBU FOOD BLOG FINALIST! I am beyond ecstatic I can’t contain myself!

So, I finally got the invitation to today for the Awards Night on November 30, 2019, Saturday at the Summit Galleria Cebu! I still could not believe it at all! Back in the day, I would only wish to be one of these prominent bloggers but I never got around to join the bandwagon because writing was just a hobby and I never took it upon myself to spend much time on it. I wouldn’t join bloggers summits, I wouldn’t blog about restaurants who give out invites. I just freely blogged about the places I really believed in. Trust me there are a lot but I’m a very moody writer plus my jobs and life direction lately veered me away from blogging.


As you can see, I could barely keep up with my blog because I always had life in between. I actually gave up on the idea of blogging for some years because I was either burned out or just too focused on work. This year, after realizing I rarely do anything for myself anymore, I rekindled my love for blogging and perhaps it was that fateful post in July of this year about the places where I loved to stuff my face full (with food) that I (maybe) got nominated and was chosen as a finalist (would like to think so because I just updated my blog that time).  To me, it was rewarding that just about the time I was starting to live my life for myself, I finally got a reward. A nomination would have been enough, but being a finalist – I am completely flattered. Very very much flattered.

Like my previous post, I would really like to thank that person who nominated me because up to this day I don’t even know how I got to become a finalist. I just got a shocking email from BCBA Team that I got in. Second, I would like to thank the team and the judges for selecting me to be a finalist. For years, I have been looking up to the people behind Best Cebu Blogs Awards – Mark Monta, Bjorn Bernales and the rest of their team. Now, I get the chance to finally rub shoulders with them. I am quite happy to know that after all these years and even with YouTube Vlogs, our little blogger community here in Cebu is still very much active and is still getting traction. They have encouraged me even more to keep updating my blog and sharing about the best that Cebu has to offer when it comes to food (soonest I hope).

BCBA2019-OnlinePosterSince this will be a complete initiation to these Blogger Awards and Blogger activities, I am excited with what the team and the sponsors have in store for the night. I clearly do not know what to expect and what to experience. After all, their sponsors are the country’s bigwigs. Summit Galleria Cebu – the official Host of the event, Gold Sponsors: Megaworld, PLDT, Smart, Cebu Pacific, and Realme – they’re giving away a new Realme 5 Pro Quad-Cam phone as a prize for the night. Silver Sponsors: BPI – ahem, my bank of choice and Krispy Kreme – I wonder if I can get a box of Original Glazed donuts from them that night *wink*. Without these sponsors, the night of celebration for us bloggers will not be as grand. Thank you for supporting our community of Bloggers here in Cebu.

I am not expecting to win on that night because for me, I have already won. Being a finalist for an award I used to only dreamed about is already soooooo huge for me. This nomination was enough to push me to continue updating this blog endlessly and talk about being nominated and becoming a finalist. Win or lose, I will cherish November 30 and will make that motivation for me to continue writing, sharing, spreading the news about one thing I am really passionate about – food. 😀


2 Nov


Imagine my shock when I received an email that I was a finalist for Best Cebu Blogs Awards. Never in my wildest dreams have I dreamt that I would get considered for these kinds of awards. Call me self-critical, but I am just realistic.

I was in denial at first and I thought someone was playing a prank on me because I have just been recently back to blogging and intermittently too. Of all the many Food bloggers in Cebu, I was shocked I was a nominated and got considered as a finalist for Best Cebu Food Blog!

To the anonymous person who nominated my blog – it all started with you! I am grateful. If it were not for your nomination, I would not have made it to top 3. TOP 3! I did not even expect a lot of people to be reading my blog as it has not been updated and some of the restaurants I featured have closed down already. To the readers, the person who nominated me – BIG THANKS!!

To the organizers and judges, thanks for considering me to be on the top 3. It’s my first time so i am completely shocked and flattered at the same time. Before this year, I had already given up on blogging because of life circumstances and schedules. I distanced myself from writing, but revisited my love for it and started updating this blog in July because I felt much need to because I needed a release and I was running around the city eating. I felt I was being selfish not to share these experiences with others. So, thank you for giving me hope in blogging and blogging about the thing I love the most – food.

To my fellow finalists, congratulations. We are winners already considering only a few of us get to be part of this award-giving body. Just waiting for the final decision, but already feeling a winner here. Congratulations to all!


Hong Kong/Macau – Overseas again after 7 years

6 Oct

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

June 25, 2019 – I could not sleep at all. My flight was at 6:10 AM and I am at the airport an hour before the check-in counters would open. I live 20 mins away from the airport but my family has this knack of going to airports waaaaayyy before check-in. So, with my mom’s nagging I was early at the airport and was already checked-in through web check-in. LOL. That’s how we travel. Don’t ask. It’s better not to fight with your mom you know.


Inside Mactan-Cebu Internation Airport. Beautiful wood. Airy. Comfy

Anyway, I have to say kudos to Mactan-Cebu International Airport Terminal 2 for a comfy and easy to navigate airport. I could say it was almost at par with other international airports (but what do I know I have only been to Suvarnabhumi Airport? lol) though smaller than most, but so much convenient and beautiful. I loved that the new terminal spoke very much of Cebu – the wood interiors, the floors, the counters. The waiting areas, the COMFORT ROOMS, the gates were now so easy to navigate and highly comfortable. There is also a hotel in the airport too for those who need a shuteye and don’t want to go out of the airport anymore. Elegant, comfortable, convenient. Exactly what an International Airport should be.

I have not flown International in 7 years, so I do not know recent protocols. So, one of the bad decisions I made throughout this trip was to not include my travel tax when I purchased the ticket. It could have saved me some walking going back and forth counters. BUT I GOTTA GIVE IT TO THE PEOPLE AT MCIAA Terminal 2 – they’re a lot helpful especially the ladies behind the counters where you get your travel tax. Not cranky at all considering it was 4 in the morning. I wish we could have that kind of professionalism with all personnel. Generally, everyone was pleasant, helpful and they made it easy to navigate through the airport. No fuss at all (We had a little hiccup at the airport with Immigration but that’s not my story to tell. I gotta give it to Immigration Officers at the airport for explaining it thoroughly to me and my companion. They were nice and reasonable).


Off we go! Hong Kong International Airport

Everything else went smoothly with my Immigration check except for when I got to Hong Kong. I looked really tired from lack of sleep so the Immigration officer in Hong Kong could have thought I was applying to be a worker there. She asked a few questions and since I had my nephew with me, I had proof that I was not going to stay illegally in Hong Kong. That woke me up a little. Haha. As for preparations, this was just my second trip abroad, but I have been traveling around the country for work the past 5 years so you can say I have gained a lot of experience when it comes to traveling and packing light. You can say I am now a certified travel guru lol. Also, thanks to family and friends, I got lots of tips to navigate through airports with ease.

Here are some tips I want to share with you:

  1. Backpacking is the way to go for warmer countries. Contrary to my first travel abroad, this time I went with a medium-sized backpack. After years of travelling around the Philippines and getting stuck in airports, sea ports, bus terminals, I have grown to love my backpack. It’s easier to travel with, though heavy, but it gets you around everywhere with lesser hassle especially getting on and off airplanes, boats, buses, etc. This is on a case-to-case basis though. The first time I traveled abroad, I filled an old suitcase full of food for my sister who worked in Thailand, so I could not skip the big luggage. That was the most inconvenient travel to date; hoisting that suitcase around was a nightmare. If you’re like me and you want to be on the go – a backpack is the best piece of luggage to invest on.


    My backpack, me and Buddha at Tian Tan Buddha, Ngong Ping Village, Lantau Island

  2. Plan your OOTDs ahead of time. I planned each look a week before I needed to pack my bag. Since it was summer, I packed loose cotton shirts, shorts and jeggings. They were lighter to wear and won’t fill my backpack to the brim. I brought just enough clothes for my stay and extra shirts just in case. With the outfit planned, I could save time everyday getting dressed and space in my backpack for other things.


    Hong Kong’s iconic Taxi Cabs + The Peninsula at Tsim Sha Tsui

  3. Ditch the umbrella and the bulky powerbank. Umbrellas are not allowed in carry-on bags so I opted for a raincoat. The big powerbanks are also not allowed on the aircraft and they’re heavy too. So, think twice before you bring them along.
  4. Check the weather forecast. One of the reasons why I brought a raincoat along was Hong Kong was experiencing scattered rain showers around the time I was supposed to be there. Be ready to face different kinds of weather on different days. It’s best to be ready.


    View from Above – Sky 100 Viewing Deck

  5. Keep essentials/valuables handy. I brought along a small sling bag with the essentials: passport, handy map, small wallet for money, IDs, phone, pen, mints, Skyflakes and my rosary. I carry that around everywhere. Also, keep your supporting documents ready. Photocopies of birth certificates, work IDs, just proof you will be going back to the country of origin to avoid hiccups with Immigration.
  6. Keep it simple. Well, I guess this depends on the type of traveler that you are. I travel for the sights and sounds not for merely Instagram, OOTDs and shopping. So, I think keeping it simple/being minimalist suits me well. Everything is in smaller bottles, my medicine bag is well packed, plus I just carried comfy footwear with me. Everything easy, simple, no frills.


    The Happiest Place on Earth – Disneyland!

  7. Bring a foldable carry-all bag. Yes. Call me geeky and weird but it’s essential. You never know when you’d be walking past a store or 7/11 to buy some stuff. So, bring an extra foldable bag with you. You will thank me later.
  8. Get some exercise before traveling. Expect that everywhere you go to, unless you have a hefty budget for taxis and ubers, you will be doing lots of walking. Living in the Philippines makes us lazy to walk to the corner or a bus stop. We can always take a jeepney or an Angkas somewhere. But other countries require lots of walking. Prior to my trip, I vowed to lose a lot of weight and practice walking a little. That I achieved and it was way easier to navigate through train stations, exits, bus stops and tourist spots. I even made it to the top of the Tian Tan Buddha. Yay.


    Aqua Luna – just before the Symphony of Lights at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

  9. Plan ahead. One of the mistakes I made was not calculating where to go, the alloted time and where to eat. I like to take my time, but I guess it’s not cost efficient to do so. If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t want to walk around blocks to find out where to eat, plan it out ahead of time.
  10. ENJOY. Just let your hair down and forget about the world. Just be in the moment. Do something that terrifies you. Try something new. Don’t be afraid to travel alone. Just be. That’s the main reason why we travel. We travel for ourselves and not for people to see. We travel for the experience, the thrill of getting lost in a foreign city. Trust me. It’s good for the soul. On this trip, I took the train alone, went to Disneyland also alone, hopped on Hyperspace Mountain and the Grizzly Gulch with the worst case of Astigmatism, tried authentic Indian food, got lost in Prince Edward looking for One Dimsum, got buzzed on a Sunset Cruise, made friends with strangers and so much more. I just lived for the moment. That must be the best decision I made on this trip. Just enjoyed it.


    The Peak – the mall with a view of Hong Kong

I am excited to finish this blog series. I had a blast in Hong Kong. I loved it. Despite the unrest going on, Hong Kong is a city that keeps you alive and keeps you on your toes literally with all that walking. Although I could not imagine myself living there, I could imagine spending days there eating dimsum and enjoying the sights, or just hopping on the train on a whim going to the opposite side of the island. Can’t wait to share everything with you. XX

*All photos are shot by my Samsung J7 Pro phone camera. Not bad for a camera phone.


Hong Kong Pier 9 (Public Pier) – Hong Kong Observation Wheel