Where do we start?

26 May

bon appetit!

It’s not unknown to Filipinos that we all love to eat. We all live for food and that’s why the only strongest business in this side of the globe is the restaurant business: from homes to carinderia to upscale eateries.

I usually check out food blogs to know where to eat and which places to visit but I should be bolder than that. I’ve put so much investment into the additional 20kgs on my weight with food alone, I should at least give credit to food for making me what I am now. LOL.

Food tripping is an investment and a recreation to everyone else I know. I should know! I’d spend quite a fortune to buy my sister some korean or japanese dinner but that won’t matter. That’s what makes you a foodie, I guess. But who’ll be the judge of that? I’d like to address myself as a novice foodie, still thirsting to travel places to find good eats within a budget range.

This is actually very new to me and I hope I can succeed. It’s like Julie trying to be Julia, only bolder minus the pots and pans. I can’t promise you guys a whole lot, just a share of what good time I have devouring each find!



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