Dong Juan (is Love)

27 May
burger steak

I was in love the moment I set foot in this quaint little place a block from Mooon Cafe in Guadalupe. If my memory serves me right, it’s on E.Osmena Street? But you often forget the name of the street when you come to this magical place which you might underestimate at first. What I am most sure you won’t forget is the food; it’s always about the food, and in Dong Juan, it’s all about quality.

The place is only a few square meters and is limited to a little over 10 (or even less) tables, including the tables outside. It’s a really small place for a big food find. When I first went to Dong Juan, I was curious how could such a small place be so remarkable. And then I fell in love with their juicy burger patty! YES, their signature Dong Juan Burgers are to die for, considering it’s only for PhP 99!

You can’t get that much beef in any place for that amount, not even in fast food chains. The side dish of potato chips are made from scratch! That’s a plus factor for them.

dong juan burger

Aside from their oh, so yummy burger, there are other staples to choose from. There’s the pizza (I haven’t tried that yet) and their pasta. Their chorizo pasta is one of a kind: spicy with just the right kick of sweetness to it. The bites of chorizo finishes the whole dish with an umph! There’s also the pasta al ajilo, which is savory but is not for those who want the usual tomato sauce in them.

They serve their iced tea in very unique containers that resembles old glass bottles for medicines, and served with a cut of lemon, too! The owners have made some more improvements especially in customizing and branding their product. They have better menus, a customized paper placemat, customized sizzling plates and many other improvements. They’re even opening a new branch at the Persimmon in Mabolo! Talk about expansion and accessibility!

What can I say, I’m partial to this place (and my friends, too). This is one of the go-to places where you want to grab really good food. It’s nothing too fancy and very unassuming; it’s just pure goodness and value for your money. There are a few improvements needed for the main branch but I guess, people often try to disregard that, after all that food’s really worth it.


Food: 10/10 – what else can I say, I love it there

Service: 9/10 – really good customer service but sometimes gets a little crazy during busy hours

Value for Money: 10/10 – their food, for such goodness, is very pocket-friendly

Cleanliness and Ambiance: 8/10 – small place, a little funky smell that goes away when you’re already settled; good for small groups or couples who want to be incognito

Accessibility:  3/10 – I’m referring to Guadalupe branch; it’s good if you have a car but the parking space becomes your enemy. I often go there by taxi or walk a few meters from the jeepney stop.

dong juan burger and iced tea


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