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my new companion :)

22 Jun

my new foodie companion

Hey there foodies!

It’s finally here! Riding on someone else’s camera will no longer be a problem for me. This one right here is Albus (Latin for white) and he will keep me company for the rest of the trips. It’s the only gadget I have that’s regarded as male, everything else is named Pink and are girls. Got this yesterday when my sister came back from Singapore. It’s the Great Singapore Sale and I asked a friend of mine (Nash) to look for a cheap but good camera. Saving money now to pay her back LOL. But at least, I have it here, with me. 🙂 expect more and more places to go 🙂


Special thanks to My sister, Kristine and my friend Nash who came out of their way to deliver this to me 🙂


Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

13 Jun

Pilipinas Kong Mahal - windows of the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

so it’s Independence weekend… my friends went on Cebu Museum hopping on a whim last Saturday. Since I woke up so late i missed out on one museum but caught up on the last two (since the other one was closed for I dunno what reason.

It started with us trying to surprise a friend for a post-birthday treat which I wasn’t able to attend to because I woke up late :(.  Turns out our friend wasn’t at home so, as they were sitting in Jollibee deciding what to do, they decided to go museum hopping.. I fell asleep again so I showed up later than expected. One friend went home after one museum because of an errand so we went on with the other museums in the agenda.

First up was the Rajah Humabon Monument near the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. He was the King of Cebu at that time the Spaniards came.

Rajah Humabon's Monument

It was to his wife, Rayna Humami later known as Queen Juana, that the image of the Sto. Nino (Child Jesus) was given to.

We walked towards the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral Home to find out sadly that the museum was closed 😦 too bad for us. I asked a tour guide friend later that afternoon if it was really closed, he said it was always open. I just didn’t know in particular why it was closed at the time of our visit. Lunch break maybe? We didn’t have an idea. All we knew is that it was bolted and everything else, including the windows. Boo hoo for us. We took a picture of the facade though

Facade of the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House - one of the oldest houses in Cebu

Moving along, we walked our way to Casa Gorordo which wasn’t really that far. It’s also one of the oldest bahay na bato built in Cebu City. It was owned by a Spanish merchant Juan Isidro de Gorordo in 1863. It is now under the care of the Aboitiz Foundation and has been restored to it’s former glory days.

Melancholy on the Azotea of Casa Gorordo

Wood floors have been polished and the wooden furniture in place. was in awe when I saw the improvements of the place. The last time I was here I was in Second Year High School. I say kudos

to the people who keep it in shape for foreigners and locals.

Next up was a short jeepney ride to Museo Sugbo. Now this museum, you should not underestimate. It’s a National Museum so be prepared for it’s hugeness. The building used to be the Cebu Provincial Jail for a long time. They moved to a bigger correctional facility in Kalunasan, Cebu City and turned this into a National History Museum in Region VII.    It took us almost 2 hours to get around the 9 galleries it had of different eras. They have pre-Spanish excavations, Spanish Colonial gallery, American and Japanese. Featured galleries were also one dedicated for the Rama’s, the Abellana’s, Cebu Media, former Presidents, and many others. I wish I wore really comfortable shoes and wish we came later than noon. It was scorching hot! Thanks to the full blast air conditioning system of Museo Sugbo, we would be drenched in sweat.

The entrance to Museo Sugbo

The View from the Ticket Booth

Museum visits in Cebu don’t come that cheap even for locals. There are different rates for locals and international visitors. The cheapest we’ve gone to so far was the Museo Sugbo and was very much worth the price you pay. But seeing the way they have maintained the memorabilia in each of these museums, I think I shouldn’t whine about the price it takes to visit the place. Casa Gorordo costs PhP 40 for a local adult, Museo Sugbo costs PhP 30 for a local adult and the Cathedral Museum costs PhP 50 for a local adult. Policy though of all the museums: NO PICTURE TAKING INSIDE THE GALLERIES!

Museums to look out for the next time: Rizal Museum in USP, Osmena Museum in CAP building and the newly opened Halad Museum of the Gullas’ (a tribute to Cebu’s musical heritage). Too bad the Aznar Museum isn’t opened yet 😦

I am seeing Cebu and the Philippines through different eyes now. Going to these museums make me real proud to be a Filipina… and a Cebuana at that! Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan, Pilipinas Kong Mahal!

Credits to my friend Mhei Gabuya for the pictures

The Foodie Goes Out of Town

9 Jun

Home-Cooked Meal: Sinugbang Isda, Tinola and Rice

My aunt (mom’s sister) passed away last May 23, 2011 and because of this we had to leave for my mom’s hometown Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur. Grieving, we headed there; but on the lighter side, it was an opportunity to get in touch with family, nature and exotic and fresh food. I stayed there for a week and enjoyed it very much. I got to bond with my two uncles and aunt whom I haven’t seen in quite a while. Although mourning for our loss, we rejoiced because we were all gathered together.

Our family gatherings won’t be complete without food. Food is always a staple for a get-together. We converse over food and I admit, these three extra kilos I gained over a week was borne out of sumptuous home cooked meals using firewood. YES! FIREWOOD and CHARCOAL. In this side of the country, they ditched their gas burners for a dirty kitchen and eat using natural fire and I tell you, the food is totally different when cooked over firewood. Their charcoals are made of madre de cacaos, ypil-ypils and lomboy trees. This was only in theory, I thought as I recalled bbq restaurants in the US using apple or cherry trees to roast their food, BUT THEY WEREN’T lying about the difference between cooking over a machine and cooking over fire.

Aurora, ZamboangApra del Sur

Aurora is situated in the mountains but I’d like to call it Little Cebu. That’s because being there feels like being in a municipality in Cebu. Most people from there live in Mandaue City or whose families originated from Mandaue. Their ancestors moved there from Mandaue during the World War and Japanese occupation. One of which was my grandfather and his siblings. He was the only one who stayed there for good and not return to Cebu. My mother and her siblings were born and raised there. She spent most of her early days there and I do admit, she’s quite a celebrity there (imagine being dragged around the whole place, she seemed to know everyone there).


Anyway, my cousins are foodies just like me. We all live for food, really good food. It runs in the blood I might say. Throughout the length of my stay, there was nothing else but good food. Fresh fruit salad: banana, watermelon, papaya and coconut, all of which did not come from a can. There was fresh catch of fish and of course, the father of all exotic food was there so expect the unexpected. The quality of the rice grain was also different from what’s available here. I couldn’t begin to describe how good the rice there is! It’s better than here in Cebu. I swear! But I still love Cebu and the barbecue places and all the restaurants there are. It’s nothing like Cebu but if you want a fresh and new food adventure, then going out of town is the best decision you will ever make.

Among the food that we had were ginamos, tinolang isda, sinugbang isda, and a WHOLE PIG’s HEAD!! On our way home from Pagadian and Molave, we stopped by a shack by the road where watermelons were sold. These watermelons are way cheap than in the city and sweet too. The owner of the store said, watermelons grow year-round but the sweetest would be in the months of January, February, March and a little bit in April. They said, it’s the sweetest during summer. I never regretted going there, I even think I’m going to have second servings in the coming days 🙂

Pig's Head: Look at the Eye!