Getting Your Peppermint Mocha On Regular Days

3 Jul

Starbucks! Honestly, I only go to Starbucks if I am with company. I’m partial to The Coffeebean and Tea Leaf for some time alone.

But I’m not here to talk about these coffee brands nor compare them. I was never a coffee connoisseur. I always loved Starbucks Holiday Drinks though. (Although that’s not the only reason I frequent the place at that time of year, it’s the planner they give away). One of my favorites is their Peppermint Mocha drink which is only available on -ber months 😦

A friend of my sister taught me how to enjoy a pseudo peppermint mocha any day of the year 🙂 EASY! Order a mocha based drink (or any coffee drink that you like) and add mint syrup to it! 🙂 you’re set!

I tried it today and yes, I was more than happy to sip my grande java chip frappuccino with mint syrup. try this one too! it’s great when you miss those holiday drinks. the extra mint syrup will cost you PhP 20 on top of your drink…ENJOY!

Grande Java Chip Frappuccino with Mint Syrup


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