Phoebe’s Cupcakery

10 Aug

Phoebe's Cupcakery

i know i owe my readers a lot since i haven’t been updating this blog and i’ve had tons of stories to tell. just been a bit preoccupied with some family stuff.

I also know that i owe someone a really good blog and I wanted to be able to write a really good review that’s worth her while. As a standard I don’t write reviews of a restaurant that I haven’t eaten in twice. In that way, I could give the place a chance, but this one ain’t no cafe or pastry shop, YET!

Everyone seems to be raving about her cupcakes for a some time now, and I just find it a bit hard to believe that she’s finally making her claim to fame. I met Phoebe Roxanne Ouano in my elementary days. She was about two or three years my junior. I’ve known her to be such a sweet kid who was one of my sister’s constant companions.

The Freeman (Local Newspaper) features Phoebe

Before I knew it, she was creating a new following in the world of pastries, just a few months after she got back from the US. When I asked her why she thought about her new business venture, her answer was simply, “I was in search for the best red velvet cupcakes in town, but never found any. So I made one myself”. Since then it has gained her a lot of customers and reviews on local and national newspaper.

I decided to give it a go on my 25th birthday (just this year) because I wanted to find out if it was really as good as they say. And I was not surprised nor disappointed. I thought she did deserve all those reviews on paper because her cupcakes are awesome. There aren’t many places that offer red velvet cupcakes in Cebu, and hers are the BEST i have tried (that’s not because I know her, ha!).

Phoebe’s cupcakes are available in four flavors: Scarlette (Red Velvet), Nuts For Nana (Banana Cupcakes), Mocha Loca (mocha), and Cookie Monster (cookies n’ cream).


For my birthday I ordered Scarlette and Mocha Loca since the minimum order that time was a dozen (coming soon, box of six!). Each flavor also had to be a minimum of six per order and that’s no wonder because these cupcakes are not commercially made. You would have to order them 2-3 days before the pickup date. Although it cost me more than a regular cake, I was not disappointed with my decision because by the end of the night, I had only one left set aside for a friend of mine (purposefully). Had I not set that aside, it would have been gone as well. IT WAS THAT GOOD!

Scarlette and Mocha Loca

My Purple Box For My Birthday!

My friend, Trixie, ordered two dozens with all flavors in it. She said the best ones were Scarlette and Nuts for Nana. I gathered they were also Phoebe’s bestsellers. At PhP 45/piece, who could ever go wrong? It’s not much pricey considering the quality and consistency of the cake. It just has enough fluff and flavor to it. Although the frosting was quite sweet, but it’s balanced by the right flavor of the cake. AND YES! THEY USE CREAM CHEESE FROSTING FOR SCARLETTE.

A dozen is worth PhP 480 and that comes in a wonderful purple and gold box with every cupcake neatly placed. The box has dividers so you’re sure your cupcakes are still pretty when you get to your party. I SAY IT’S A TOTAL RAVE FOR THIS PRODUCT!!  and since they do not have a store yet, visit their facebook page Phoebe’s Cupcakery to know more details about them and how to order. They only accept meet-ups for the meantime. I tell you, WHEN YOU’VE TASTED THEIR CUPCAKES, YOU’D BE CRAVING FOR MORE.

credits to Phoebe, The Freeman and Mae Gabuya for the pictures.


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