Giving some quick lovin’

10 Oct

Cheers to the steady stream of readers!

sorry! i haven’t been visiting my page much these days. One: i no longer have my laptop with me and I have to make use of the desktop (which by the way is like the slowest machine ever) or my workstation at the office. Two: I haven’t been visiting a lot of places lately because of a really busy schedule and a tight belt (BUDGET). Three: my files have been transferred to a service disk drive so it would take time for me to get hold of it. Four: the keys on my keyboard at home are TOO hard 😛

but enough about that, and more about you! i squeezed in a little time to look at my page and i’m glad that even with no new content I get a constant stream of readers everyday and I am so thankful to those who have shared my food blog on their pages. It’s such an honor! Big hugs to Noel de la Rosa of Y101, Phoebe Ouano of Phoebe’s Cupcakery and Ryan Yu of Ryan’s Pizzarelli who posted the links to the bl0g on their Facebook pages. To my friends too who have been reposting my links to their own personal profiles, thank you as well!

I may not be able to give you any new finds for the month, but who knows? I might be dropping in a surprise! if any of you have any restaurants that you want me to review, please comment on the space below and I will be more than pleased to give in to the food craving 🙂

Oh! Before I forget, I will be posting the Iloilo stuff that I have and some other past restos I have been to 🙂 I wouldn’t be able to tell you guys exactly when, but I am definitely posting them up soon! I sooo apologize for keeping all of you waiting 😦 I miss blogging, too. Just super caught up with everything else!

Thank you so much guys!


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