Kusina Uno – The Best Pochero in town

8 Nov

Kusina Uno - Home of the Best Pochero

F. Ramos St. has been a daily staple for me for a few years. But it wasn’t until I roamed the streets of uptown Cebu til the wee hours of dawn did I get a taste of what was behind that red neon light that said “ABUHAN”. So, I when I too got my own taste of what was behind those doors, I was in love with the bone marrow. It wasn’t the ambiance that people keep coming back for, it was the signature dish , Pochero, that people loved so much.

So, when people heard of Abuhan Uno closing down, they mourned a little. They said Abuhan Dos and Tres were there as their consolation. Well, these two have indeed consoled the palate of the Pochero-lovers when the original hideout closed up. But people like me, are still on the lookout for the real thing and yes, I spotted the right place. THIS IS THE PLACE that took me back to the good times spent at Abuhan Uno, not because of their ambiance, but because of the taste. There is no place else like the new home of the best Pochero in Cebu – KUSINA UNO.

Sipping On Hot Pochero Soup

On a cold day, nothing beats sipping hot soup, especially when it’s infused with the rich flavors of beefy goodness. And whoever could resist the rich bone marrow gaping from that hole within the bone. It’s savory cholesterol-laden food at its finest. You can even take your pick – you want it soup style or sizzling style.


For our meal, we opted for the pochero soup (without the meat) and sizzling Pochero, which was highly recommended by our friend, Onin, who works there. It was a rainy day and the soup was a great counter for the cold weather. And true to his word, the sizzling Pochero was heavenly goodness and the gravy around it was so savory I wanted to eat it alone (was sharing it with five other friends). And I haven’t stopped dreaming of it since.

With their pochero meals, they also serve one of the best traditional filipino dishes in Cebu. Practically everything on the menu is a must-try!  Aside from the Pochero soup and sizzling pochero, we ordered the sizzling Gambas (yum!), calamares and crispy kangkong. We downed a whole pitcher of iced tea and went on to our next destination barely able to walk. I would have Kusina Uno every day, if I was given the chance. You should too!

Yummy Gambas!


Kusina Uno Must Try - Sizzling Pochero

FOOD: 10/10 – what can I say? I am a junkie for all things Filipino. and the sizzling Pochero alone was a winner. I tried one from Abuhan tres, but this was tastier for me. I love the gravy – loads of it and the parts they serve their customers are very much worth the price that you’re paying for. The sizzling Gambas was a winner as well. TIP: ask the waiters what their bestsellers are if it’s your first time 🙂

VALUE FOR MONEY: 9/10– I’d give it a 9 because let’s admit it, cow born marrow is quite expensive. It’s best to go there when you have a family dinner or you’re out with your barkada. But then again, you wouldn’t be regretting too much how much food you could consume in one sitting 🙂

Crispy Kangkong

SERVICE: I would like to leave this part for you guys to judge. I don’t want to be biased on giving a score because 1.) it was our friend who belongs to the family of one of the owners that served our food 2.) there weren’t many people around so the service of the food was quite fast. If you want the service to be fast, reserve some seats ahead of time or go at a less busy time. DID I SAY THEY WERE OPEN 24 HOURS?? THEY ARE!!

CLEANLINESS AND AMBIANCE: 8/10 and here goes one of my weaker points for a restaurant. The ambiance is not as secluded as the old Abuhan. It’s an open-air space at the second floor of GND tower (where Club Ace is) near Cityscape and Sykes in Mabolo. The last time I went there, they were using the common Comfort Room of the building. But they have kept the whole place fairly clean and sanitized.

yummy! - Kusina Uno

I am proud to say that Kusina Uno was featured on Manila Bulletin by one of the most famous Filipino chefs – Chef Gene Gonzalez. He wrote for his Column – Pleasures of the Table – featuring Cebu Finds Part 1  published on October 6, 2011


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