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Sai Gon Quan at the Parkmall

6 Feb
Sai Gon Quan Parkmall

Turning Vietnamese

Now this post should have been dated back a year ago when my sister was still here. My sister and I are fond of discovering new restos around the city that normally people would not frequent. We’re fond of anything new to the palate because we’re bold like that (My sister has already eaten bugs if I might say, looking forward to my own experience). So I kept raving about this Vietnamese restaurant a lot of times before I agreed to meet her up and her friend Fritz at Parkmall.

Interiors of Sai Gon Quan

And so we found ourselves in the ornate restaurant covered in everything green and bamboo on the far end of the annex building of Parkmall (beside Cycle Logic). Having eaten there twice prior to our said visit, luckily I know which were the safer dishes to order. Of course, there was the staple Pho to order and in our case we ordered Pho Bo – rice noodles with strips of beef – which had just the right tang and sweetness to it. My sister could be bolder than me so she went in and ordered the heart of the palm salad which was to my surprise really a salad. That meant the heart of the palm was not cooked in whatever way.

We also ordered fried spring rolls which also tasted really good.

Heart Of Palm Salad

But my favorite dish that I make a point to order when I go there is hands down their Prawns in Green Rice. They’re plenty awesome and the green rice remind you of pinipig with more crunch to it. We also tried Iced Vietnamese Coffee and any of you should not miss that experience either. They MAKE coffee out of GENUINE VIETNAMESE COFFEE BEANS in front of you. They put it in a strainer on top of your coffee and pour hot water over it. The coffee goes to your glass filled with ice and then they mix in the condensed milk and VOILA!

Pho Bo

Everything in this store is authentic Vietnamese. Well, the waiters are of course Filipino, but the cooks and the business partner are all from Vietnam. Expect only AUTHENTIC Vietnamese food in this restaurant. That means the flavor is Vietnamese, which is a bit close to Filipino taste, but not quite. It’s a must-try for every adventurous foodie out there.

Iced Vietnamese Coffee Just Like They Serve Them In Vietnam


Fried Spring Rolls

FOOD: 10/10 – this of course is according to my own adventurous palate. I like the taste of the Pho Bo that’s sweet with a hint of lime in it. Don’t expect it to be your local pochero of beef soup because it’s NOT. It’s a whole lot different beef noodle experience topped with fresh mung bean sprouts.

VALUE FOR MONEY: 10/10 – for international cuisine, their taste is absolutely not bad at all for its price. You can get a small (which is large for Pinoy standards) bowl of Pho Bo at PhP 90 (as of middle of 2011). The other dishes are not that pricey as well. Naturally, the food at the place is really a bargain.

The Menu

SERVICE: 10/10 – I’m definitely not kidding you when I say GREAT service. The waiters and waitresses are quite accommodating and they don’t give you that sense of uneasiness when you only order a Pho Bo. I pretty much like the people there and wish that the all restaurants would be as accommodating as them.

Fried Prawns In Green Rice

CLEANLINESS/AMBIANCE: 9/10 – I’m not a guru when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine and this is the only one I have been in so far. But their resto is quite cozy and it’s tucked away in the far part of the building. It gets unruly sometimes on Sundays when they have their eat-all-you-can lunch buffet. The decorations are quite good and they do exude qualities of Asian culture.


This blog is dedicated to my sister, Kristine. I miss having food trips with her. See you soon!


UPDATE: 2/6/2014 Sai Gon Quan has already closed and has been replaced by Asian Dragon. I reckon it’s under new management and a new chef. I haven’t visited yet and still won’t take the risk for now. But will let you know soonest! For Vietnamese goodness, you guys can check out upscale Vietnamese restaurant Phat Pho. It’s one of the chain of restaurants managed by The Abaca Group (Abaca Boutique Resort, A Cafe, Tavolata and Beqaa)