Well Hello There!

4 Feb

wow! just wow!

it’s been exactly a month from posting my hiatus sign and i decided to take a look at my blog. And I can’t help but scream in glee after I read the stats. NOT BAD FOR A BLOG ON HIATUS! i could not exactly trace how many visits I got for a span of a month but I was so pleased to see that FINALLY! search engines get to crawl my blog for stuff I have worked so hard for and with minimum advertising at that.

to the readers and those who believe in this blog thank you so much! You have inspired to come back to my blog and write again. honestly, for the time I was missing in action I was both busy and was losing the sense of having this blog. There was so much inner conflict that I’m not willing to broadcast on a happy blog. Nonetheless, I got my mojo back because of the number of visits that I got! and it’s because of the people who first read my blog and supported it. You guys made me something big on cebu’s food scene (well, not as big as the others).

bigups to my friends and family who would message me where to eat in Cebu – haha don’t worry I will have many places more to go to. and that calls for more exercise! 🙂 I SO LOVE YOU GUYS!

i could never be so thankful to those who spent their time to visit my blog and read through it. don’t worry guys this blog is opening shop.


Food blog cebu now open



2 Responses to “Well Hello There!”

  1. Soul Captive February 4, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    Glad to read this one!

    Looking forward to more food trips and thoughts from you 🙂

    • kategracea February 4, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

      Thank you, Pres! and I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE FOOD TRIPS WITH YOU! 🙂 my food trip will be your food trip as well!

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