Top 5 Aphrodisiacs For Valentines

14 Feb

Happy Valentine's Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day once again – a day for lovers and perhaps the would-be lovers. During this time of year, you could barely get a spot at ANY restaurant without a reservation. Flowers, chocolates, balloons and all romantic gift items are all sold out even when they’re all twice as expensive as their regular price. It doesn’t matter much to us because we just want to make our significant others smile (with that I meant family, friends and lovers).

For lovers, it’s a way to manifest their love and desire for each other. Some couples want to add something new and decadent on this special day. What other way to spice your Valentine’s day up than food… I’m talking about aphrodisiacs that literally increase the body’s sexual response or desire towards their lovers. Sounds fun, does it? Here are a few tried and tested aphrodisiacs you can use this Valentine’s.


5. BALUT – fertilized duck eggs. It’s one food we Filipinos are very well-known of. You can buy one from the local street vendor at a very cheap price. It’s found to be a VERY potent aphrodisiac so maybe you can eat one before you head off to your date *wink*. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, though 🙂 you don’t want to turn off your date.


4. LEAFY GREENS- who would have thought that this main ingredient to our regular fresh green salad can stimulate the desire in us? Lettuce was even believed to be an aphrodisiac in Ancient Egypt. They depicted their God of Chaos, Set, to be eating this said plant. Set was described to be a very sexually charged god.



3. BANANAS – just like the lettuce, this can quite surprise many people. In Central America, the sap of the read banana is a considered a strong aphrodisiac. Many studies found out that it contains vitamins and other nutrients necessary to get the sex hormones going. Next time you see a banana, think there’s more to it than its shape 😀



2. OYSTERS – if you must book a restaurant, pick a seafood place where you can score loads of oysters. It is a very great source for Zinc. That’s just the right amount to stimulate the individual when their partner pushes the right button. Zinc increases a person’s libido or sex drive. So, expect an all-night party for two between the sheets if you go for this mineral-rich seafood.

Lastly, who could forget the best aphrodisiac especially for women…


1. CHOCOLATES – hands down this could be the best thing men can give to their woman especially during Valentine’s. Get them dark chocolates instead of the sweeter and milkier ones. Dark chocolates contain concentrated amounts of cocoa which influences the body’s release of endorphins which in turn increases libido.



TIDES at Shangri La

1. If you don’t have time to go to Liloan and score some fresh talaba, you can get them at any SUTUKIL restaurant in the three neighboring cities: Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu. That spot near Mactan Shrine is a source of fresh seafood including oysters. If you want something more fancy, the Oyster Bay at Bridges Town Square in Mandaue is just the perfect place to have a date with your loved one. It’s not too crowded and the mood is just right. You can also check out Tides and Cowrie Cove at Shangri-La’s Mactan Island Resort. They have the most delicious seafood buffet in Cebu.

I love you, Chocolatier!

2. Spice up your chocolates literally. Maitre Chocolatier at the Ayala Terraces sell spicy chocolate treats for you and your loved one. Try this for a fiery night together – which I would leave to your own imagination 😀



3. Go crazy with chocolate syrup – this would be best left behind closed doors 😀

Syrupy goodness


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