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Before We Proceed…

13 Jun

Changes Up Ahead

If you’re feeling a HUGE disambiguation between my original blog idea and these travel posts, well that makes two of us. When I was nearing my travel date, I was so giddy with ideas of what to blog about and ended up with a post that just covered a few things. Yes, the memories kind of stuck and make me want to go there every moment I can think about it. What can I do, it’s in my genes to fall in love with the place and feel a bit patriotic (not that I am completely denouncing being Filipino, I love the Philippines even more).

I was supposed to write an entry here about all my food travels about Thailand, and I am sure you have all been watching out for that as well. But I can’t seem to separate the idea of food and travel because as far as my trip was concerned, it was all about the food. And that was pretty much obvious with the 7 lbs that I gained on my two week visit.

To cut the purpose of this post short, I am OFFICIALLY ceasing my thai posts on this blog and will continue to write about what I have originally planned this blog to be, a review for go-to places in Cebu when it comes to food. The past few posts will not be removed though, but if you guys want to hear about the trip, you’re free to visit my travel blog: Adventures of a Filipino in Thailand

Now, on to more foodie travelling in Cebu??