Writer’s Block – But Still Eating for You

7 Aug
Ready to eat @ Outburst

Ready to eat @ Outburst

It has really been a while since I posted a decent entry. Really – it’s the middle of the year; almost a year after my last decent post. I just can’t get myself to write anything. I was either too busy, but mainly just disinterested. The best thing that I could come up with were short updates on the blog’s Facebook page. That’s it.

@ lantaw for dinner at sunset

@ lantaw for dinner at sunset

For months I had to relearn this genuine love for blogging and food. Well, the love of food has always been present, but I just can’t lift a finger and bring myself to write anything. I got my laptop and camera back, but I was plainly in a “dark place”. That is laughable. But seriously, I was. Plus, the recent stint on events/wedding coordination – which went okay (I must say, I STILL HAVE A LOT TO LEARN ABOUT) – I was fried. Or at least my brain was fried, toasted and grilled – in that order.

It was not until yesterday when a “lightbulb!” moment suddenly just dawned on me. Why don’t I visit the blog I used to follow oh so religiously. I have not been reading that blog in a while (and with that I meant years). The last time I checked, it was still a young blogspot site and now it had its own domain! I think the last time I read that blog was in 2007-2008 when food blogging wasn’t a trend and Facebook or Twitter were still ideas waiting to happen.

My Screenshot of Lori's Blog - Dessert Comes First

My Screenshot of Lori’s Blog – Dessert Comes First

This blogger’s name is Lori Bautista Baltazar and Dessert Comes First is her brainchild. I don’t know if many of you are familiar with her – but she is like Confucius to me. She’s like the epitome of food appreciation (at least for me). She introduced me to Kaya jam, Cupcakes by Sonja (which I have yet to taste), and soft-boiled eggs. That started my love for food. Back in college, I rarely eat or appreciate what I eat. But through Lori’s influence it was like a gate opened for me to imagine everything that she wrote. The content is very descriptive and precise. This made me love her with all my food-lover’s heart.

I stumbled back to where my food blogging started, two years after I started this blog. Coincidentally, she had written a few days ago an entry – “In Search of Inspiration” – which I read through. I could not help but comment on the entry because I was overwhelmed at how she could get back to writing again. There are those days months when you feel like you can’t get yourself to write a single entry. Lucky for others who can update it at least once a week. For me it was hell even to write a paragraph. But, reading this post on DCF meant the world to me because it sparked something in me that told me that it would be finding that love once again.

It’s a promise. It’s a goal. I will bring this blog back to it’s old glory. Thank you to all those who have stumbled on this blog. Sorry, for being away for a long time. 🙂

At the end of the day - I still love Fudge

At the end of the day – I still love Fudge


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