My Fruitful Adventure :)

1 Sep
Pilar, Camotes Sunset

Pilar, Camotes Sunrise

I haven’t been writing much; not even as I had promised early in the year. It’s way past the middle of the year and this is my follow-up post from months ago. You guys must know by now how unpredictable and moody I could be when it comes to posting. For a time I contemplated on creating a new blog, but that would be a waste of readership. Plus, it’s hard to land on a great spot on Google (jeez, I still have the SEO touch!).

The Students

The Students

My life took an absolute turn when I had the opportunity of working as a skills trainer once again. It felt good to be back in the classroom and doing the thing I’ve always loved besides writing. I took a leap of faith and reverted back to being a classroom facilitator. I left my post as a contributor for a website, well, multiple websites, and hibernated from the blogging world out of necessity, not out of boredom.

This ought to be boring you by now, so let’s fast forward to September 1st. Here I am dying to write once again about anything I could think of. And the one thing I could think of is my latest out-of-town adventure.

Welcome Welcome!

Welcome Welcome!


I am not much of a traveler and I haven’t been away from home besides my 2-week stay with my Dad in Thailand. Now, due to my new job I get to travel around Cebu to deliver my goods – training scholars for various Skills. I haven’t been to many places but at least I had the opportunity to visit the three beautiful islands of Camotes for work. It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely beautiful. Traveling is in fact beautiful, which I have yet to get really used to.

The Beach at Pilar, Cebu!

The Beach at Pilar, Cebu!

It’s definitely like hitting two birds with the same stone – work and play, makes Kate everyday okay 🙂 Along the way, I get to help people further their futures while traveling. It’s a year full of adventure so don’t hate me for leaving you. This should fuel some inspiring blogs in the future. I really hope this goes out well (and that’s my heart opening up to everyone else).

Thank you for continuing the readership you guys! And btw, since I have been so out of touch with the city life lately, care to share places you’d want to feature? Thanks!!


Let's dive in!

Let’s dive in!

Across the Island of Poro, Camotes

Across the Island of Poro, Camotes

The Waves!

The Waves!


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