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Sweet Incantations Confectionery

2 Jan
Happy Happy at Sweet Incantations Confectionery

Happy Happy at Sweet Incantations Confectionery

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s ring in the New Year with a new and very indulgent post, shall we?

So my friends and I have this annual Christmas celebration together: where we eat, catch up and have our studio pictures taken (which we forgot to do in 2014! oooppsss). Since the metro was still experiencing rain showers following Typhoon Seniang, we opted to meet and have a quiet dinner at Ayala Center Cebu. We picked something familiar this time – Bigby’s – which I think I don’t have to elaborate much on since they are an institution in Cagayan de Oro City and here in Cebu. But we wanted to try out something new for dessert – it was either Butterbean or Sweet Incantations Confectionery.

If that's not mouthwatering I don't know what is

If that’s not mouthwatering I don’t know what is

Due to the limited parking space and the bright lights at Butterbean, my friend’s boyfriend thought maybe Sweet Incantations Confectionery was a better idea. Just a literal stone’s throw away, we ended up at one of the coziest cafes in Cebu (and a way better parking space too!).

From the outside, Sweet Incantations Confectionery looks pretty impressive already for its minimal decor. The wall was filled with photographs of travels around the world, perhaps of the owner. It had enough space for big groups and intimate spaces for couples as well. But the highlight of the place was its display case – not your ordinary display case at that! IT WAS A REAL SHOWCASE OF ALL THE MOUTHWATERING CUPCAKES MANKIND COULD EVER IMAGINE (ok now I am exaggerating but that was what I felt that moment). Needless to say, at that moment I fell in love. I wanted everything in it, but that wouldn’t be good for my diet (ha! as if I was on diet!).

Awesome Display!

Awesome Display!

They had cool sounding names for their cupcakes: Monkey Business, Red Vixen, Espressamel, and their holiday cupcakes Gingernog, Northpole and Pasko among others. Anyone could tell that they take this business pretty serious. It’s not fun making up names for cupcakes. Some would easily go by whatever they put on it. But Sweet Incantations – they have so much to give when it comes to cupcake-making. My friends and I gushed our oohs and aahs too loudly I think it annoyed the woman behind the counter.



Compared to other places, theirs was a little bit pricey, but not too much because cupcakes are now around PhP 55-65 I guess. Each of their cupcakes are at PhP 70. If you buy a box of six, that would only cost you PhP 400. Not bad at all especially when you get to taste their cupcakes! We ordered the box of 6 which was great for sharing with the group. Their cupcakes are HEAVENLY with emphasis on the capital letters. I’ve never had a cupcake with such thick frosting, with a texture that’s as thick as Marshie’s marshmallow. Hey, I am not a baker or some pastry person so I can’t really point out what kind of frosting that was, mmkay? So, yeah they definitely have the finest and most indulgent cupcakes I have ever had 🙂

IMG_0605[1]The cake itself is both dense and moist at the same time. I never liked too dense or too fluffy cupcakes. It was done just right and it went so well with the frosting – a real great marriage between cupcake and frosting. My favorites were the Espressamel, Butterscotch & Bubblegum and Little Black Dress – yeah I am a sucker for Chocolate & Mint. Apparently, these two were their bestsellers along with Sweet Saigon which had hints of Lemongrass and PB & J.

Sweet Incantations also serves Cookies at PhP 50 each and Gelato which is at PhP 85 for single scoop and PhP 130 for double scoop. We had double scoops of each flavor – Chocoholics Anonymous, My Name is Earl (my favorite since I love Earl Grey Tea), Monkey Berry and Espressamel. We had two tea pots as well and they serve Dilmah tea, if you might ask.

Their Gelato

Their Gelato

I absolutely have no protestations when the cupcakes were laid out on our table. They were served in little chopping boards. It dawned on me that every detail of this was well planned out down to the toilets. Teas were served on pristine white teapots that came with matching cups and even their service water was served in coordinated glasses and a resealable glass bottle almost similar to that of Shangrila’s. I’d have to say kudos to the owner who’s thought so much about what goes well with what without sacrificing flavor – which in fact is the greatest highlight of the place.

The little details that matter a lot - presentation!

The little details that matter a lot – presentation!

All in all, it was a happy night – good friends, great dessert. Sweet Incantations was what my friends and I would call a happy place and we don’t honor that name to just any restaurant or cafe. Only the deserving ones. I guess someone’s going to be a regular customer then, huh?

You can visit Sweet Incantations at the Ground Floor of the Avagar Bldg., Escario, Cebu City, somewhere between Kuya J and Simply J’s. Like their Facebook Page: Sweet Incantations Confectionery or Follow them on Instagram: sweetincph.