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Officially on Instagram!

1 Nov


Due to the fat-induced coma I have had for the past 2 days, I suddenly have that urge to make an OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT FOR THIS BLOG! I encourage you all to follow me on Instagram: foodietravelscebu

That is where you will get your daily dose of food and travel photos from me while there are no new blogs up here.

Thank you and see you on Instagram!


Writer’s Block – But Still Eating for You

7 Aug
Ready to eat @ Outburst

Ready to eat @ Outburst

It has really been a while since I posted a decent entry. Really – it’s the middle of the year; almost a year after my last decent post. I just can’t get myself to write anything. I was either too busy, but mainly just disinterested. The best thing that I could come up with were short updates on the blog’s Facebook page. That’s it.

@ lantaw for dinner at sunset

@ lantaw for dinner at sunset

For months I had to relearn this genuine love for blogging and food. Well, the love of food has always been present, but I just can’t lift a finger and bring myself to write anything. I got my laptop and camera back, but I was plainly in a “dark place”. That is laughable. But seriously, I was. Plus, the recent stint on events/wedding coordination – which went okay (I must say, I STILL HAVE A LOT TO LEARN ABOUT) – I was fried. Or at least my brain was fried, toasted and grilled – in that order.

It was not until yesterday when a “lightbulb!” moment suddenly just dawned on me. Why don’t I visit the blog I used to follow oh so religiously. I have not been reading that blog in a while (and with that I meant years). The last time I checked, it was still a young blogspot site and now it had its own domain! I think the last time I read that blog was in 2007-2008 when food blogging wasn’t a trend and Facebook or Twitter were still ideas waiting to happen.

My Screenshot of Lori's Blog - Dessert Comes First

My Screenshot of Lori’s Blog – Dessert Comes First

This blogger’s name is Lori Bautista Baltazar and Dessert Comes First is her brainchild. I don’t know if many of you are familiar with her – but she is like Confucius to me. She’s like the epitome of food appreciation (at least for me). She introduced me to Kaya jam, Cupcakes by Sonja (which I have yet to taste), and soft-boiled eggs. That started my love for food. Back in college, I rarely eat or appreciate what I eat. But through Lori’s influence it was like a gate opened for me to imagine everything that she wrote. The content is very descriptive and precise. This made me love her with all my food-lover’s heart.

I stumbled back to where my food blogging started, two years after I started this blog. Coincidentally, she had written a few days ago an entry – “In Search of Inspiration” – which I read through. I could not help but comment on the entry because I was overwhelmed at how she could get back to writing again. There are those days months when you feel like you can’t get yourself to write a single entry. Lucky for others who can update it at least once a week. For me it was hell even to write a paragraph. But, reading this post on DCF meant the world to me because it sparked something in me that told me that it would be finding that love once again.

It’s a promise. It’s a goal. I will bring this blog back to it’s old glory. Thank you to all those who have stumbled on this blog. Sorry, for being away for a long time. 🙂

At the end of the day - I still love Fudge

At the end of the day – I still love Fudge

A Quick Word from the Foodie

18 Aug

Hey guys! I know it’s been over a month since the last post, but several things have changed and I find it quite hard to post here on the blog site. For one, I gave my dear Albus (camera) to my sister who could make better use of it. So, I would not be able to post pics that often.

Also, work’s really doubled up and I could rarely have enough time or presence of mind to finish a full restaurant review. Been honestly trying to write many, but they all end up as drafts :(.

For updates, you can always like the blog’s page on Facebook: Foodie Travels Cebu. That’s all I have been updating since and it’s really easy to do quick reviews and posting of mobile pics. If you have places to share about, you can always make a post on our wall about your experience. We’ll all see each other there, shall we?

By the way here are some places worth checking out:

1. Sprockets Cafe – MUST GO!!! Reasonable price, big servings, love the place. Just be sure to be there early or maybe make a reservation. The place is ALWAYS packed and they have limited seats. Yes, that’s how great the place is. .

2. Sweet Little Things – on the same building as Sprockets. Love their cupcakes especially the fruity ones – Lemon Poppy and Blueberry Crumble.

3. Little Saigon, Big Bangkok – haven’t actually been to the place, but saw their menu on their Facebook page – AWESOME! It’s what other local thai restaurants don’t have – authentic thai dishes.

4. Phoebe’s Cupcakery – YES! No more meet-ups at BTC kids! Phoebe’s opening her own store in Banilad. It’s at Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road. But hold your horses, they won’t be able to open until the 23rd (August 23).

Before We Proceed…

13 Jun

Changes Up Ahead

If you’re feeling a HUGE disambiguation between my original blog idea and these travel posts, well that makes two of us. When I was nearing my travel date, I was so giddy with ideas of what to blog about and ended up with a post that just covered a few things. Yes, the memories kind of stuck and make me want to go there every moment I can think about it. What can I do, it’s in my genes to fall in love with the place and feel a bit patriotic (not that I am completely denouncing being Filipino, I love the Philippines even more).

I was supposed to write an entry here about all my food travels about Thailand, and I am sure you have all been watching out for that as well. But I can’t seem to separate the idea of food and travel because as far as my trip was concerned, it was all about the food. And that was pretty much obvious with the 7 lbs that I gained on my two week visit.

To cut the purpose of this post short, I am OFFICIALLY ceasing my thai posts on this blog and will continue to write about what I have originally planned this blog to be, a review for go-to places in Cebu when it comes to food. The past few posts will not be removed though, but if you guys want to hear about the trip, you’re free to visit my travel blog: Adventures of a Filipino in Thailand

Now, on to more foodie travelling in Cebu??

Hear It From Another…

6 Feb

Hey guys!

I love food blogs and you guys know that! Well, a friend of mine just started hers and the places shes goes to are very interesting! Some of these restaurants we go together to. It’s another style of writing, but definitely has the same aim – rave about food and help people know about the places worth visiting in Cebu that scream YUMMY! FOOD!

Here’s Soul Captive’s blog

Soul Captive of

Well Hello There!

4 Feb

wow! just wow!

it’s been exactly a month from posting my hiatus sign and i decided to take a look at my blog. And I can’t help but scream in glee after I read the stats. NOT BAD FOR A BLOG ON HIATUS! i could not exactly trace how many visits I got for a span of a month but I was so pleased to see that FINALLY! search engines get to crawl my blog for stuff I have worked so hard for and with minimum advertising at that.

to the readers and those who believe in this blog thank you so much! You have inspired to come back to my blog and write again. honestly, for the time I was missing in action I was both busy and was losing the sense of having this blog. There was so much inner conflict that I’m not willing to broadcast on a happy blog. Nonetheless, I got my mojo back because of the number of visits that I got! and it’s because of the people who first read my blog and supported it. You guys made me something big on cebu’s food scene (well, not as big as the others).

bigups to my friends and family who would message me where to eat in Cebu – haha don’t worry I will have many places more to go to. and that calls for more exercise! 🙂 I SO LOVE YOU GUYS!

i could never be so thankful to those who spent their time to visit my blog and read through it. don’t worry guys this blog is opening shop.


Food blog cebu now open


It’s a Merry Starbucks Christmas

19 Nov

What's Your Favorite Starbucks Holiday Drink?

The christmas season is my favorite time of the year not only because of the festivities. For Cebuanos, it’s a two-month celebration with Sinulog following shortly after Christmas and NewYear’s. Another reason to be jolly about is one of my favorite promos of the year, Starbucks Holiday Drinks and Daily Planner. This year they scraped Praline Mocha and replaced it with Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha which in my opinion makes ALL holiday drinks this year very desirable.

Holiday Drinks 2011 L-R: Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha, Toffee Nut Latte, Peppermint Mocha

For two years now, I rarely go for the third drink. My first bet was always Toffee Nut Latte until last year. Last year, I was so addicted to everything minty and there sprung my love affair with Peppermint Mocha. And this year, I think, I abandoned my love for both and got carried away with my love for the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha drink.


Emptied my Second Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha Frap

I prefer my Starbucks Holiday Drink cold (Frappuccino) so if you won’t agree with me on the Cranbery drink because you tried it hot, I am warning you, I like my Starbucks drink iced most of the time. The only times I get to drink them warm or hot are on regular days where I order my forever staple Caramel Macchiato. And I learned a new trick from my friend Aisa a new twist to the good ol fave that’s worth trying out.

My other favorite Starbucks drinks are actually non-coffee drinks: Strawberry and Cream and Green Tea Frappuccino. That time I was trying them were those times I was in a caffeine overdose so I had to get the non-coffee drinks.

So what’s your favorite Starbucks Drink?

My Lipstick Mark Still On My Coffee Cup