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Officially on Instagram!

1 Nov


Due to the fat-induced coma I have had for the past 2 days, I suddenly have that urge to make an OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT FOR THIS BLOG! I encourage you all to follow me on Instagram: foodietravelscebu

That is where you will get your daily dose of food and travel photos from me while there are no new blogs up here.

Thank you and see you on Instagram!


Welcome to Our Feast!

27 May
Purok Singko Dinners

Mexican Dinner Prepared by Chef Bibo and Chime for their guests

If you are looking for a restaurant review on this post, then I apologize my comeback  after a long hiatus is far from one. Rather, this is a way of getting to know me as a foodie. Here, I will share to you where I am coming from as a food lover and a seemingly mediocre food blogger. I may not write the most prolific food blogs, I may not have the best taste in food, but I enjoy the experience of dining – smelling, seeing, tasting and feeling the burst of flavor in my mouth.

Welcome to our Feast

Goofy cousins and uncles cleaning out the table after a Seafood Extravaganza

The whole foodie experience starts with me being schooled at home in Mandaue City, Cebu on what a good meal should be. I guess, having a Filipino palate is probably the best things a foodie could and should be proud of. With the mix of all the greatest cuisines in the world, we Filipinos have the most complex dishes you almost could not point your finger into; a great mix of salty and sweet, more sour (nope, not even tangy) than our other Asian neighbors, and a huge amount of umami flavor (let us thank the Chinese for that!).

You see at home, our whole family cooks. I do not come from a wealthy family, but we eat and we eat well. We prepare food well too! We are no chefs, but the food experience  of my childhood usually started at dawn when locks of the front door open and my aunt (may she rest in peace) makes an early trip to the wet market and scores for herself some fresh pig’s blood for Dinuguan (Dugo-Dugo in bisaya; Pig’s blood stew) because she doesn’t trust the local butcher to give her a clean container for it.


Following our Aunt’s death, our get-togethers are still sinfully delicious.

Every time she came back from the wet market, she kept the kitchen bustling. My aunt was a mise en place expert! She would chop all spices: garlic, onions, fresh mint, bilimbi (kamias or iba) and chilis without the need for additional help. Guys, this was before breakfast could even start. Her secret ingredient to the stew was flour, to coagulate the pig’s blood and you would get chunks of blood when it’s done. Although, I would rather believe that it was her love for cooking that made everything taste incomparably good. Sadly, she had passed away. No more Biko, Budbud, Dugo-Dugo, Humba, Hamonada, Menudo and Bam-i to anticipate on birthdays. Nevertheless, the legacy of good food lived on.


Boodle Fight: Puso (Hanging Rice), Lechon Manok (from Manok ni San Pedro no less), Sauteed Shrimp, Tinolang Isda, Grilled Squid, and Grilled Fish. This was put together by my cousins

These are the fond memories of food that I have kept from childhood. At home, we have mastered our own versions of Humba doused in Coca Cola. The Hamonada was always the most tender the meat falls off the bone. The Bam-i (Cebuano’s version of Pancit Canton) had the most ingredients I have ever seen. My mom’s Chop Suey also beats everyone else’s, even that of Majestic. Grilling? Are you kidding me? My cousins make the best marinade and cook the meat just to perfection.  That list goes on and on. Sorry, I might brag a lot here, but the food preparation and the dishes that I have had in my home are what made me a huge (literally) foodie. As they say, everything you need to know about the world you should learn about at home. My love for food definitely started at home.


Sumptuous Easter Dinner by Purok Singko. Bummed though I did not get to join them on this one.

Fast forward to the second part of this post: the older, more mature me. You see, food has the power of drawing together people with the same taste and/or palate. Personally, I make it a point (ha! surprise!) to make food kind of a criteria for knowing whether you are my friend for life. If you like exploring food and experiencing new things through dining then let’s be best friends!

Lucky for me, fate seems to know what I want in life and has allowed me to meet individuals who support my love for food. No one intended to base our friendship solely on food, but for my friends and I, food is the glue that makes us stick together. We would often act like food critics whenever we hung out at some place. It is even an ongoing inside joke that we are a bunch of foodies aiming to overthrow food connoisseurs all over the world. These friends have been with me the past year or two and on a fateful night, (errr it was actually a trip to Jollibee on wee hours after downing a bottle of Bacardi and pumping fists at Alchology) we officially came up with a name for the group – Purok Singko and as they say, the rest is history.


Say Hello to Purok Singko: Chime, KhuKhu, Axl, Me, Nathan, Jickoi, Chef Bibo and IDr Jason. The people responsible for pangdato dinner hacks. We also have extended the group to our different circles.

Part of our regular Friday night activities is to explore restaurants and bars for some great food, ambiance and, of course, the search for the best mojito in town.  From there,  the group has distinguished which restaurants in Cebu are just full of hype and which ones are worth raving about. You will know the minute one of us crinkles their nose after taking that first bite or that long interval between bites that something is quite off about the food. However, when KhuKhu’s face lights up and comments about the hint of spices on the food, that my friend tells you you are in the right place ordering the right dish.


Must Try: Chime’s Amazing Jumburger (Jumbo Buger)

The best thing about our group is not really when we eat at restaurants, but when we hold our private dinners at the Diet in a Box Headquarters on cheat days. It could be just us or we invite some of our circle of friends over to experience something out of the ordinary. We hold themed dinners complete with a salad, sides and a main course all made from scratch by *coughs* US! The nights are then filled with great food, a bottle of good wine and enjoyable chitchat about life and other current events. Pretentious as this might sound on prose, but we do have fun savoring dinners we put together.


Modern Filipino Delight: Spanish Sardines on crackers, Binagoongan Fusilli pasta with red cabbage, Chicken Afritada paired Roti, and fresh Mangoes and Greens Salad

On our themed dinners, our day often starts at 2 in the afternoon for grocery shopping and menu planning. Themed dinners may vary depending on availability of ingredients and laziness (haha!). One night, for Sinulog we had an American theme (yep on Sinulog) with an enormous serving of  Baby Back Ribs. Then, we had Modern Filipino night where we had Bagoong and Red Cabbage with peanuts on our pasta – like a Fusilli Pad Thai of some sort. At a time when entertaining guests, the guests had Mexican dinner at the patio while we had Kimchi Fried Rice, kimchi and Bacon inside the house. The list of dinner themes go on and on.

I have to be thankful for this bunch of friends because other than feeding me with great meals, I have the privilege of enjoying the company of real people who you go to not just on your highs but also on your lows. Beyond the affluent dinners, are the conversations no amount of money could equal to. Food and friends, if they go along well, all you need is a huge glass of wine and you will have the best time of your life.


Wine and cheese night with the crew!

Looking back on my greatest influences on food through this post, on this very random day when I should be working on my paperwork and snacking on fruit, I realized that  food has been an integral part of my life. From family, close friends and to colleagues, food has brought me closer to people in my life. This being a highly personal experience allows you, my readers, to get to know the beginnings of this very lazy foodie writer/blogger. Where I come from, and how I see food and dining experiences are based largely on my gustatory memory through the years that I am now eager to share to you here on this blog post.


Breakfast at Lunhaw Farm Resort with the gang. KhuKhu and her cup of Sikwate (Hot Chocolate).

I took it as a good way of regrouping my thoughts as a food blogger. Also, one of my friends on Purok Singko is leaving for a job abroad. Khu, if you are reading this, this is for you.

As they say, if you do not find time to explore your thoughts and experiences, you could never write from your heart. Perhaps, that is a good rebirth blog post right? By the way, I am still on my diet plan on weekdays for those who might think it contrasting to my post here. That’s just a cheat day a week. The dieting plan I will have to post on another blog post.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Bon Appetit and welcome back to this blog!


Diet in a Box – The Revolutionary Healthy Food Delivery Service in Cebu

13 Jul

*Brushes the dust and cobwebs from my virtual life*

diet in a box

Diet in a Box – revolutionizing your healthy meals

Hello from the outside! Yes, the outside because I haven’t been in tuned with the blogging world for over a year now. There seems to be a hundred new Cebu-based food blogs nowadays and even thousands more hashtag-dependent social media addicts. I don’t think I could keep up with them at all. All that posting their Instagram-worthy food trips, which I have, in fact, joined the bandwagon. I ran out of time to open my blog. Regretfully, I missed several blog-worthy restaurants and food trips, so I have FINALLY decided to start writing again.

I just turned 30 and all the years of binging on whatever good food I could get my hands on are finally taking toll on me. My addiction to food has got me closer to obesity. Well, I am here. Finally calling myself obese. That made me think I should start making life changes. I tried my way through exercise and believe me when I say I just end up eating my way through my work out. Results are slower too, if you only burn what you eat, so I never really got to see my actual weight loss. Now, what about the fat that’s already there? How can I actually lose weight?

chime bibo

Chime Osabel and Chef Bibo Moreno of Diet in a Box

Then, I had a great conversation with good friends of mine, Chime Osabel and Chef Bibo Moreno. I had to hear the hard truth: I wasn’t eating right as far as my daily activity was concerned. The reason why my weight loss is slowed to almost zero was because I ate way more than my daily activity, workout included. I still ate 3 cups of rice every day, so workouts were just enough to burn what I ate for the day. The rest of the fat that’s already in my body remains untouched.  I will have to pair it with a compatible diet plan with servings that are enough for me to survive the whole day, workout included.

That was when they lobbied the idea of their food venture Diet in a Box. Sure, there have been several healthy food delivery services that already existed before they put up their own, but by far, they were the first to fully answer my questions about following a proper diet plan. I have tried portion-eating before, I tried the salad diet, tried incorporating brown rice into my regular meals, but nothing seemed to work.   I just bounced back to my regular FULL meals because I couldn’t get as much variety as I would like and most healthy ingredients are way expensive or seem unavailable in the regular supermarket.

Chicken Coconut Laksa on Cold Soba Noodles

Chicken Coconut Laksa on Cold Soba Noodles

Every single diet service seem the same (for me) except for Diet in a Box. Maybe, it’s because of the variety that they offer every single day. It never failed to amaze me how they always come up with new combinations of meats and salads. Some of the dishes on the menu sound far too foreign sometimes, reading the menu of the week would already make my mouth water in anticipation. Perhaps, it’s the convenience of having your food delivered on-the-day, knowing that it’s fresh from the kitchen and you won’t have to mess your own to make your meals. The customer service is also impeccable – the way they handle your needs as a customer and how they make sure your meal experience feels very personal.


Ingredients are hand-picked by the Chef

For me, I am sure it’s not only about the service, the ease and the variety. It is knowing that you are getting food that comes from the most naturally available sources possible. With all the genetically modified and pesticide-laced ingredients around us, organic and fresh ingredients are hard to come by. Luckily, Diet in a Box boasts of its organic ingredients without charging much. For years, I have known Chef Bibo and their family, I knew they were already advocates of organic farming and now it has been put to good use. Their organic farms have been hosts to the fruits and vegetables that they put into your healthy box. To add to that, Chef Bibo handpicks ALL ingredients. If you’re like me, you would know that this is done by every chef with Michelin stars because they only want what’s best for their customers. It’s like a gourmet meal that’s super healthy and it comes in a box and delivered to your house. THAT CONVENIENT!

beef salisbury steak with garlic mashed potatoes

Beef Salisbury Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Now, I am sure if you have been reading this far, you would want to know how it tastes like and thank you for trusting me (ahem) where taste is concerned. Does  Diet in a Box taste like every diet meal – bland and dry? Absolutely not! And I am not saying that out of bias. It truly tastes good. You could really tell how fresh the ingredients are because you can still taste the crispness of the veggies, the sweetness of the fruit and the meat is cooked just enough to not be too tough or dry. The play of ingredients – some combinations may be far off – are so well-thought you couldn’t figure out they taste good together until you have tried them. Don’t get me started on the sauces. They are all to die for and yes fresh; built from scratch and not store-bought. All in all, the food is super good you sometimes would want to cheat with more rice (now that’s just me. So don’t judge. LOL).

diab packaging

Your Food Pack with your name and your menu on it!

Diet in a Box offers a variety of meal plans to choose from: Supreme Meals – Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, plus two snacks, Combo A – Breakfast and Lunch plus one Snack, and Combo B – Lunch and Dinner, plus a snack. All of these are calorie-counted according to your body mass index (BMI), your daily activities and your food preferences (like if you want fish instead of chicken).  You don’t even have to plan your meals for yourself. That comes with the service. Before I forget, deliveries are available Monday to Fridays. Clever, because they do know we always want to cheat on weekends, right?

menu july 8-15

Diet in a Box – revolutionizing your healthy meals

Meals are delivered on the day at your doorstep or your office. Just tell Chime and he will work it out for you. That’s why I so appreciate their service. Food tastes excellent, delivered fresh, and customer service is impeccable.

smoked salmon eggs benedict

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict – POSH!


To order, visit their website or check and like them on Facebook: Diet in a Box. Instagram-worthy posts could also be tagged to their official hashtags #dietinabox or #dietinaboxph.


Fudge Restaurant – A Special Feature

4 Jan
Fudge Restaurant

Taken almost a year back with friends whom I have known since Kindergarten

It was a great way to start the new year with a new post, right? And it’s also a good thing that I got my writing mojo back (for the time being). So, while I’m not busy and still in the mood to write, let’s try one more, shall we?

Fudge Restaurant

Their menu – You need to check their new prices since this one’s an old one

My usual ratings would not be enough to show you how much I love this restaurant that I’m about to feature. That is why I decided to write this blog post as a special feature. For me, it’s a must-try and I was just so excited when they opened up a new branch at the expansion wing of the Ayala Center Cebu. Fudge Restaurant is one of the places that remains underrated and often off people’s radar.

Fudge Restaurant

Love them fries! only at PhP 50

One of the reasons why I love the place is because it’s quite close to home. Their main branch is located at A.S. Fortuna, just a matter of 15-30 minutes from my house. You can’t miss it at all, but in case you need landmarks, it’s beside BPI – Banilad and across the Wilkins Warehouse. It’s been an institution for desserts in Cebu, in my opinion. The place has been around for quite some and you can say that a lot of people come back for more and more each time. The ambiance is great for small or big groups who would like to hang out and chat over cakes and pastries or even a full meal. I like the idea that they have two kitchens where they prepare your food and desserts. The way they present the food is soooooooo inviting you’d salivate just by looking at the display. This place seems to be packed all the time!

Fudge Restaurant

Counter and the yummy display!

Another reason why I love Fudge is the food – both desserts and savory dishes that they have. Their menu is very diverse and I should say whoever created it was a food genius (in my opinion that is). Their pastas and sandwiches are to die for and don’t even get me started with their main dishes. Our usual favorite is the thick slab of Grilled Pork Steak. The portions are enormous too! If you’re on a tight budget, you can get a pasta dish and share. The regular pasta dish is somewhere between Php 180-250. Not bad for that much serving. If you’re still on a really tight budget, you can order some fries at PhP 50!! The pork steak is good to share as well it’s I think around PhP 290 these days. Can’t blame them for the price increase though, everything seems to be increasing these days – including my weight! 🙂 Kidding, I think the price increase is very reasonable considering the ingredients that they use and the portions that they serve.

Fudge Restaurant

from their seasonal dessert buffet

Last and best reason of all is the desserts! Most of the people who visit Fudge are there for the desserts I think. With a slice of Cheesecake Delight only at PhP 125, who can resist, right? But the star of their dessert menu is their Lava Cake that’s oozing with rich chocolate goo in the middle when you try to cut into it (check out the picture!). That is why a lot of people would agree that it is best Lava Cake in Cebu!! It’s very much affordable as well. You’d have to wait though for around 15 minutes for your lava cake – yup! it’s baked fresh 😀 They only make them when they’re ordered. How cool is that? My other favorites are their wide array of Sansrival, the Tre Colore, their Signature Chocolate Cake, Choco Butterscotch (in the picture) and the Mango Surprise is great for those who don’t like much of the sweet stuff. In my opinion, Fudge gives you the best desserts and food that’ very much worth your money. Everyday, there’s something new to taste at Fudge – a burst of flavor and sweetness in your mouth.

Fudge Restaurant

Our favorites 🙂

Fudge Restaurant

Best Lava Cake in Cebu

I could sit there and spend my whole afternoon either chatting with friends or just being pensive and I know I share the same sentiments with so many people here in Cebu. A lot of them were glad too when a new branch opened its doors in at the Ayala Center Cebu. That saves people coming from the City a whole trip to Banilad/AS Fortuna and from the clogging of cars on the way there.

Fudge Restaurant IS A MUST-TRY when you come visit Cebu. It’s a whole lot of experience so go and visit them NOW!!!

Fudge Restaurant

Fancy some choco butterscotch?

NOTE: this is my personal feature – not paid nor sponsored by the management or anyone whatsoever ❤ Btw, thanks to Megee Dolore for some of the pictures 🙂